We are a club, in Imatra, focusing on motocross. We give motocross coaching for free, with 3 trainers, and we help motocross riders from other countries, mainly from Russia, to come to Finland, to participate in training and competition.


You can join as a member by reading and accepting the rules written below, paying the joining and membership fee to the Imatra Motocross r.y. account, after which the board decides on the approval.

IBAN: FI62 5094 0020 1879 65 BIC: OKOYFIHH  REFERENCE NUMBER: 1203

Joining fee: 10€

Membership fee: 20€/ year, under 15 years 10€/ year

Fill and submit the form below, or send your information to secretary by email: mx[a]

Required information: name, address, date of birth, email address and phone number

Welcome to the relaxed and comfortable activities of the new club!



Name. Domicile and Purpose

1 §

The name of the association is Imatra Motocross r.y. (registered association). Informally abbreviated IMX. The association was established on 31 October 2017 and the association is domiciled in the city of Imatra. The association is called as a club in these rules and  Suomen Moottoriliitto r.y. (SML) Finlands Motorförbund r.y. as a Union. The association is part of Suomen Moottoriliitto r.y - Finlands Motorförbund r.y. 

2 §

The purpose of the club is to promote motorsports activities and related exercises and other related civic activities within the club's operating range so, that people from different starting points have the opportunity to practice fitness training, recreational sports, racing and top sports, and motorsport club activities in accordance with their individual requirements and needs.

The foundation of the club is based on the ethical values of sport and the principles of fair play in sport.

3 §

For the purpose stated in the preceding paragraph, the club shall:

1. Provide advice, training and communication and road safety work in the field of motor sports.

2. Conduct sports, leisure and youth activities according to the purpose of the club.

3. Be promoting equality and tolerance through motor sport activities and supporting cultural diversity and the sustainable development of the environment.

To support its activity, the association:

4. Receives donations and wills, owns the necessary real estate and the necessary equipment for their operations.

5. Acquire funds by organizing competitions, shows, meetings, lectures, and similar events, collections and lotteries that support the club's activities, owning and maintaining accommodation, nutrition business and bingo activities, and caring for members without profit by giving sports equipment and accessories wherever possible.

6. Establishes and grow funds, owns shares in companies operating in the same business, and acquires and owns movable and immovable assets.

7. The club does not interfere with religious or party political issues.

4 §

The language of the club is Finnish.

5 §

The club and club members commit themselves to adhering to the rules of the associations and communities in which the club is a member.


Membership, resignation and separation

6 §

Members of the club are life members, annual members and honorary members.

7 §

An annual membership of a club can be reached by every 15 years old and as a youth member, with the consent of the guardian, a person under the age of 15 who commits to comply with club rules and decisions. An annual member who has been a member of the club for twenty (20) years is a life member.

8 §

The honorary member may be nominated by the board of the association. To invite members of the Club and others who have been particularly successful in implementing the Club's purpose. A legitimate proposal must be submitted to the annual meeting. Honorary members do not pay the membership fee. The honorary member has a speaking and voting right at the annual meetings of the club. Existing member rights will remain.

9 §

When a member wants to leave the club, a written notice is sent to the Board of the association or its chair. Or a member must inform about his/hers wish to discontinue, to the minutes of the association meeting. The separation of a member becomes effective from the date of notification. A member is not entitled to a refund of the membership dues that he / she has already paid for.

10 §

If a member has not paid the annual fee, determined by the Annual General Meeting, before 31 December, the board of the association considers him/her to be resigned from the association and to be removed from the membership register. If a member has acted against the rules of the club in a way that could damage the club's reputation or otherwise have a significant damage to the club,

A member who is separated from the association has the right to appeal to the next meeting where he / she has the right to be present. Such a petition must be made to the board of the association in writing within 30 days of the date of removal, with the exception of this. Person who is separated from the club is not entitled to claim refunds of  payments which he/she paid to the club.


Club management

11 §

The activity of the club is managed and its financial management and assets are managed by a board elected by the Autumn Annual Meeting, which is also the legal representative of the club. The Boardof the association includes a Chairman and four (4) other members. The Board of the association elects among its members a vice chairman, secretary and treasurer. The chairman and the members of the Board of the association are elected for two years at a time, with half of the members of the Board being resigned annually. On the first time the resignation is determined by lot and then by the turn.

The Board of the association,elected by the Autumn Annual Meeting will commence its meeting on 1 January of the following year.

The Board of the association meets by the invitation of a chairman or when he/ she is prevented from attending, by an invitation from a vice chairman and has a quorum with at least three (3) members present. At Board meetings, all matters are decided by a simple majority. Voting is resolved by the chairman's voice.

If one of the members of the Board so requests, the vote will be delivered with a closed ticket. If the voices in this case go even, the vote is solved by a raffle ticket.

Duties of the board of the association are to:

1. Lead and develop club activities to accomplish its purpose in accordance with the law, these rules and the decisions of annual meetings.

2. Maintain a member list and distinguish members in accordance with the provisions of § 10 of these rules.

3. Select elected representatives who will not be elected by the Annual Meeting.

4. Establish the necessary divisions and confirm their leaders.

5. Confirm the action plans of the group sections and other elected representatives.

6. Oversee the club property and financial management and prepare the plan of action and financial plan for each year.

7. Supervise and inspect the club's accounts,  prepare the club's operations report and financial statements.

8. Confirm the issues that are being discussed at the Annul Meeting.

9. Determine and announce the time and place of the club meetings.

10. Propose to the Union (SML) persons who have earned an medal, and distribute the medals  to meritorious drivers and club members.

12 §

The Board of the association establishes and confirms the club's operations onto  necessary group sections and nominates the leaders for them, this nomination lasts one year, at a time. And inform of them and informs the discontinuing group sections  at the Annual General Meeting.

The divisions meet by the invite of their chairman, to address, prepare and execute the matters which are appointed to them by the board of the assosiation. Or meet on their own initiative to deal with matters belonging to them and make proposals to the board of the association.

13 §

The name of the club is written by chairman and secretary or an elected member of the board , always two members together.


Annual and Additional Meetings.

14 §

The association holds two regular meetings annually. Spring Meeting will be held on January to May and the Autumn Meeting in September - December, at dates determined by the Board of the association.

The decision of the association meeting shall, unless otherwise determined in  these rules, be the opinion supported by more than half of the votes. If the votes are even, the voice of  chairman will decide , except in elections, a raffle ticket.

15 §

Convening a meeting of the association.

The board of the association must convene meetings of the association at least seven days before the meeting by mail, e-mail or in a local newspaper.

16 §

The Spring Meeting of the association deals with the following:

1. Opening of the meeting.

2. Select the chairman of the meeting, the secretary, two inspectors of the Protocol, and if necessary, two tellers.

3. Note the legality and quorum of the meeting.

4. Approves the Rules of Procedure of the meeting.

5. Presents the financial statements, annual report and statements of the accountant and operations inspector.

6. Decision to confirm the financial statements, grant freedom of responsibilty to the Board of the association and other accountable persons.

7. Handle other matters mentioned in the meeting notice.

The association's Autumn meeting deals with the following:

1. Opening of the meeting.

2. Select the chairman of the meeting, the secretary, two inspectors of the Protocol, and if necessary, two tellers.

3. Note the legality and quorum of the meeting.

4. Approves the Rules of Procedure of the meeting.

5. Confirms the action plan, revenue and expenditure estimate, and the amount of joinig fee and membership fee for the next calendar year.

6. Election of the chairman and other members of the board.

7. Appoint one or two operations inspectors and deputy operations inspectors or one and two accountants and deputy accountants.

8. Handle other matters mentioned in the notice of meeting.

If a member of the association wishes anything to be handled in a Spring or Autumn meeting, the notification must be made in advance and in writing to the Board so that the matter may be included to the meeting invitation.

17 §

An Additional Meeting shall be held when the Board deems it necessary or when at least a tenth (1/10) of the members of the Club have made a written explanatory statement to the Board of the association. In the invitation to the Additional Meeting, the matters to be discussed at the meeting should be mentioned. The invitation takes place in the same way as for the Annual Meetings.  Additional Meeting is chaired by the Chairman of the Board.

18 §

Voting is solved by a simple majority of votes, unless otherwise prescribed in these rules. If the votes go even, voting is solved by the chairman's voice. Except in the elections, a raffle ticket. In all the meetings of the Club, voting will be handled with closed tickets if so requested. Every member who is 15 years of age or above and who has paid the joining and member fee and is annual member, life member or  honorary member, has one vote. Youth member does not have the right to vote. A person must to be present at the meeting so he/she can vote.

19 §

From every meeting, conducted by the Club, group section and board of the association, protocol shall be drawn up. The minutes of the meetings shall be signed by the chairman and the secretary of the meeting,and to be checked by the selected protocol inspectors as soon as possible. The minutes of the Board and group sections will be reviewed either immediately or at the next meeting.

20 §

In the election of the Board of the Association and group sections, only the candidates, who according to these rules are entitled to vote,are candidates for election.


The club's economy

21 §

The club's financial year is from 1 January to 31 December.

The Board of the assiociation must complete the financial statements and leave them to be audited by the accountant or the operations inspector no later than February 15. The accountant or operations inspector shall return them with their statements to the Board of the assiciation by 15 March.


Various provisions

22 §

A majority of the three-quarters (3/4) of votes in an annual meeting are required to change the rules of the club.

23 §

The decision of dismantle the club can only be made in annual meeting and it must be done by three-quarters (3/4) majority of votes. If the club is dismantled or discontinued, remaining funds will be transferred to the union or, if there is no union, to a registered organization which promotes motorsports.

24 §

In other respects, the provisions of the Associations act and the Rules of the Union are complied with.